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"H" Rivers Express
"B" Sutton Group
"G" Minute Brake & Muffler
"C" Choma Heating & Cooling
"E" U Need A Plumber
John Isbister
Trevor Dixon
Wilson Mor (Temp)
Pete Choma
(519) 319-9067
(519) 617-8000
(519) 317-1210
(519) 709-4962
Players MUST CALL their team captain if they are going to miss playing ASAP so a spare can be called. Please do not leave it until the last hour. Team Captains are responsible to determine a suitable replacement not the player. If you do not call your captain you must pay a $2.00 loss of revenue fine. If you cannot contact your own team captain, contact another Executive member for necessary arrangements to be made. The $2.00 fine will be enforced.
Chris Parker
(226) 688-6942
Dan Mansfield
"A" Coni-Marble
"F" Fibrenew
(519) 476-6283
Henry Verbakel
(519) 495-4205
Tyler Crowell
(519) 857-8456