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Stanley Abdallah
Inducted 2018
1975 - 2000
In 1975, Stan Abdallah and Glen Bogart started up and operated a 4-team hockey league for +30 yr. old players at Stronach Arena. Over the years, that East London Oldtimers Hockey League flourished, adding 2 more teams and relocating to Argyle Arena's Pad B. In 1984, it added 2 more teams, moved over to the "A" Pad and soon after, raised the entry age to +35 yr. old.

Stan's daughter Shari was the original timekeeper and collected spare fees in those early years while he was joined on the ice by his sons Randy and Tim. With his Sundays spent playing LEOHL games, Stan managed to fill his weekday mornings by joining Huff 'n Puff Hockey (now London Senior Hockey) shortly after it's start up in 1985. Stan retired from the LEOHL in 2000, but continued playing HnP/LSH for many years, until his health and injuries forced him to retire from the game in 2016.
The traditions of today's LEOHL with its emphasis on fun and safe play, with it's support and sponsorship by local and member businesses, and a tradition of family involvement on and off the ice, are all built on the framework of that Stronach league that Stan co-founded.

Stan Abdallah was inducted into the LEOHL Hall of Fame in the Builders category in 2018, but was too ill to attend the induction ceremony. He passed away January 22, 2022.