Goalie Profile

Joe Stomp
U Need A Plumber
Rookie Year: 2022 - 23 Position: Goal
Seasons: 2 Catches: Left
Born: 51 yrs. ago

Regular SeasonPlayoffs
SeasonYear Season Link
TeamTeam Name
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GPGames Played
GAGoals Againts
GAAGoals Againts Average
ENGEmpty Net Goals
PIMPenalty Minutes
LeagueLeague Result
PlayoffPlayoff Result
GPPlayoff Games Played
GAPlayoff Goals Against
GAAPlayoff Goals Against Average
ENGPlayoff Empty Net Goals
SOPlayoff Shutouts
PTSPlayoff Points
PIMPlayoff Penalty Minutes
2022 - 23 Choma Heating and Cooling 15.01016.7300103.0113.670000
2023 - 24 U Need A Plumber 9.0434.7800130.000.000000
Totals 2 Seasons 24.01446.000023 1st-0A-0   B-03113.670000

Career Totals Regular Season and Playoffs
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