Standings 1995 - 96

Regular Season
PlacePlace in Standings
DivStandings Division
TeamTeam Name
PicTeam Picture Available
GPGames Played
WGames Won
LGames Lost
TGames Tied
GFGoals For
GAGoals Againts
+/-Goal Differential GF-GA
PIMPenalty Minutes
PT%Point Percentage PTS/(GP*2)
FormFormula for tied teams (GF+GA)/GA Higher Number
1A Dempsters Corporate Foods 191144265833+2548.6842.758
2A Wright Lithographing 191045256432+3242.6583.000
3A W. Craig Carpet 191063236947+2230.6052.468
4A Coldwell Banker 19973215447+748.5532.149
5B Sutton Group 19676185955+427.4742.073
6B A and M Truck Parts 197102165282-3051.4211.634
7B Lee Photography 197111156090-3027.3951.667
8B Shaw Auto Wreckers 19314285282-3060.2111.634

PlacePlace in Playoff Division
DivPlayoff Division
TeamPlayoff Team
GPPlayoff Games Played
WPlayoff Games Won
LPlayoff Games Lost
TPlayoff Games Tied
PTSPlayoff Points
GFPlayoff Goals For
GAPlayoff Goals Against
+/-Playoff Goal Differential GF-GA
PIMPlayoff Penalty Minutes
PlayoffPlayoff Result
FormFormula for tied teams (GF+GA)/GA Higher Number
1A W. Craig Carpet400000000A Champ0.000
2A Wright Lithographing400000000A Final0.000
3A Dempsters Corporate Foods3000000000.000
4A Coldwell Banker3000000000.000
1B Lee Photography400000000B Champ0.000
2B Sutton Group400000000B Final0.000
3B A and M Truck Parts3000000000.000
4B Shaw Auto Wreckers3000000000.000