Standings 2014 - 15

Regular Season
PlacePlace in Standings
DivStandings Division
TeamTeam Name
PicTeam Picture Available
GPGames Played
WGames Won
LGames Lost
TGames Tied
GFGoals For
GAGoals Againts
+/-Goal Differential GF-GA
PIMPenalty Minutes
PT%Point Percentage PTS/(GP*2)
FormFormula for tied teams (GF+GA)/GA Higher Number
1A Coni-Marble 2417433713088+4296.7712.477
2A Petes Sports 2413101279894+487.5632.043
3A CBS Equipment 24119426102101+181.5422.010
4A Cross Current Divers 2499624107108-1102.5001.991
5B Weathertech Restoration 248972397105-881.4791.924
6B Arctic Snowplows 249114229892+6118.4582.065
7B Sutton Group 24813319115116-187.3961.991
8B Choma Heating and Cooling 2461621471114-4399.2921.623

PlacePlace in Playoff Division
DivPlayoff Division
TeamPlayoff Team
GPPlayoff Games Played
WPlayoff Games Won
LPlayoff Games Lost
TPlayoff Games Tied
PTSPlayoff Points
GFPlayoff Goals For
GAPlayoff Goals Against
+/-Playoff Goal Differential GF-GA
PIMPlayoff Penalty Minutes
PlayoffPlayoff Result
FormFormula for tied teams (GF+GA)/GA Higher Number
1A Petes Sports44006197+1221A Champ3.714
2A Cross Current Divers422041417-327A Final1.824
3A Coni-Marble31202912-3181.750
4A CBS Equipment30300414-10151.286
1B Choma Heating and Cooling422041410+421B Final2.400
2B Sutton Group431041212012B Champ2.000
3B Arctic Snowplows312021510+5122.500
4B Weathertech Restoration312021116-561.688