Standings 2023 - 24

Regular Season
PlacePlace in Standings
DivStandings Division
TeamTeam Name
PicTeam Picture Available
GPGames Played
WGames Won
LGames Lost
TGames Tied
GFGoals For
GAGoals Againts
+/-Goal Differential GF-GA
PIMPenalty Minutes
PT%Point Percentage PTS/(GP*2)
FormFormula for tied teams (GF+GA)/GA Higher Number
1A Coni-Marble 2116323410058+4278.8102.724
2A Choma Heating and Cooling 211290249182+987.5712.110
3A Rivers Express 211074248675+1187.5712.147
4A Minute Brake and Muffler 211083239277+1599.5482.195
5B Sutton Group 211110022102100+275.5242.020
6B Weathertech Restoration 21696187184-1369.4291.845
7B Fibrenew 216114168284-275.3811.976
8B U Need A Plumber 213171750114-6472.1671.439

PlacePlace in Playoff Division
DivPlayoff Division
TeamPlayoff Team
GPPlayoff Games Played
WPlayoff Games Won
LPlayoff Games Lost
TPlayoff Games Tied
PTSPlayoff Points
GFPlayoff Goals For
GAPlayoff Goals Against
+/-Playoff Goal Differential GF-GA
PIMPlayoff Penalty Minutes
PlayoffPlayoff Result
FormFormula for tied teams (GF+GA)/GA Higher Number
1A Coni-Marble43106188+1012A Champ3.250
2A Rivers Express422041017-712A Final1.588
3A Minute Brake and Muffler31113116+5122.833
4A Choma Heating and Cooling30211412-8301.333
1B Sutton Group430171810+846B Champ2.800
2B Fibrenew421151210+26B Final2.200
3B Weathertech Restoration31202511-6181.455
4B U Need A Plumber30300610-4291.600

A tie is decided on the following criteria (applied separately for Regular Season, and Playoffs)
a.) Total Points in the Regular Season, or Playoffs.
b.) Total Wins in the Regular Season, or Playoffs.
c.) Head to Head Record in the Regular Season, or Playoffs.
d.) (GF+GA)/GA = (higher number) in Regular season, or Playoffs.
e.) A Coin Toss in the Regular Season, for Playoffs start at (a.) Regular Season procedure, and continue.