The LEOHL is located in London, Ontario, Canada "The Forest City", this is a fun league, the competition begins when the playoffs start. If you are interested in playing full time, or as a spare, fill out a player application, bring it out on any Sunday night during the hockey season, game times are (7:00pm to 10:00pm) at Argyle Arena.
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Jerry Pickering
Nov 25 2018 18:47 PM Post #95
Location : london

LEOHL Team : Choma
On behalf of my family & myself, I'd like to say thank you to the LEOHL Board & members/players for the lovely flower arrangement sent to my Father's funeral. It was an unexpected but much appreciated surprise. Your thoughtfulness at this difficult time will always be remembered.
Thank you
The Pickering family
Paul Robson
Nov 01 2018 17:26 PM Post #94
Location : London

LEOHL Team : Weathertech
Please support this fundraiser. Nov 23rd at German Canadian Club. My Stepson Beckett passed on April 26. We have started a foundation in his name. Lots more info here
Mark Lowe
Oct 28 2018 21:41 PM Post #93
Location : London

Alias/Nickname : PuckNuts
LEOHL Team : Weathertech
Please update your schedules for the LEOHL Finals.
B Final 4:00 PM
A Final 5:30 PM
Paul R
Sep 06 2018 13:15 PM Post #92
Location : London

LEOHL Team : to be determined
Last chance for dry land training boys....the LEOHL draft is tonight. Hockey season starts soon Very Happy
Darryl Henebry
Mar 30 2018 14:36 PM Post #91

Just to let everyone know, I am at home now. They had to do emergency surgery. All the doctors and nurses at UH said that because it happened at the arena and the fast action taken is the reason why I am alive. Thanks to all. I will be at the games on April 1. Thanks to all again
Wilson Mor
Mar 26 2018 13:08 PM Post #90
Location : London

LEOHL Team : Coni-Marble
Darryl's sister Maryanne says at this time he is conscious, aware of his situation and doing better. He is still in the ICU at UH and awaiting transfer to the CCU today. In deference to the family's right to privacy in this situation, LEOHL players wishing more info should contact their team captain for more details.
Sean whitehead
Mar 26 2018 9:01 AM Post #89

LEOHL Team : Weathertech
Yeah thought she did a great job , her name is Lorraine , I hope Darrel is doing well , my number is 2265041538, if someone can let us know how he's doing.
John Nagata
Mar 26 2018 8:48 AM Post #88
Location : London

I definitely agree with Mike. She took charge and did what had to be done. A lifesaver! Thanks again and all the best to Darryl.
Mike Andrew
Mar 26 2018 0:13 AM Post #86
Location : Elgin (Dorchester)

LEOHL Team : 5192680498
I would like to thank Sean Whiteheads partner, I will call her as I don't know her name for the Outstanding Call to Action tonight in response to helping Darryl Henebry in our dressing room . I'm sure she saved his life tonight. I hope for the Best Thank You
Mike Andrew
Mar 26 2018 0:01 AM Post #87
Location : Dorchester

LEOHL Team : Cross Current Divers
Did some one take a stick out of room 4 by mistake After the 8 o'clock game, I think it was a Bauer with red and white Canada tape on the hand grip, as I have a Bauer Nexus 9000 It had too be a Tall person as the stick is longer than mine I will leave it at the front desk at the arena next week or call and leave me message 519-268-0498 thanks MIke Andrew
Mar 20 2018 9:26 AM Post #85

I would like to Thank Henry Verbakel of Sutton Realty for finding me my dream property. Although this purchase does not close until May, I wanted to share this with everyone before the end of the season !! Henry introduced me to LEO 10 years ago and since then He has sold 2 homes for me and has helped me buy 2 homes, the latter being a beautiful farm just outside the city !!! It is evident that Henry's years of experience in and around London help provide seamless transactions and a worry free feeling in what most people find as a very stressful part of life ! Feel free to ask me about the great work Henry does and his financial contributions he makes to the LEO hockey fund. Thanks again Henry !!
Because my farm is on a dirt road , I am selling my 2001 Z06 Corvette(details in the new classifieds)
Mike Sherlock
Mar 06 2018 17:56 PM Post #84

This summer a number of friends are running our own hockey Monday nights.... we are hoping you might be interested in participating in. The level of hockey is similar to the LEO hockey.

Ice is booked at Carling Arena Monday nights at 6:30, for 1.5 hours per skate for 19 weeks starting on April 9th and running through the end of August (we can provide the full schedule upon request.)

We will be capping the participants to 26 skaters and 2 goalies for the season. Cost is $300.00.

We hope to have 1 if not 2 refs on ice each week and multiple team drafts throughout the season.

There has been a lot of interest and spots are filling up fast. (Currently 5 spots remaining)

If you would like more information feel free to contact me.

Mike Sherlock
Mike Sherlock
Mar 06 2018 17:06 PM Post #83
Location : London, Ontario

I am playing summer hockey and looking for other players to participate. The level of hockey is similar to LEO hockey. Ice is booked at Carling Arena, Monday nights at 6:30, for 1.5 hrs./skate for 19 weeks starting April 9th. Cost is $300.00. We'll be capping the participants to 26 skaters and 2 goalies for the season & there are 5 spots remaining. We hope to have 1 or 2 refs on ice each week and multiple team drafts throughout the season. If you would like more information or a full schedule, feel free to contact me.

Mike Sherlock, 519-868-5331
Mar 06 2018 11:55 AM Post #82
Location : Denmark, Klarup

Alias/Nickname : Henn
I couldn't refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!
Wilson Mor
Jan 16 2018 18:50 PM Post #81
Location : London

LEOHL Team : 5194570667
Hi Charlie, we've all missed you and are looking forward to seeing you back on the ice again. Hope you get better soon.

Jan 16 2018 12:09 PM Post #80

Get well soon Charlie
Charlie Baldacchino
Jan 15 2018 20:42 PM Post #79
Location : London, ontario, canada

Alias/Nickname : Baldy
LEOHL Team : Artic Snow
Sorry I haven't been coming out for a while, but I've had a few health problems. It sucks to get old. I miss everyone and miss the friends I've made and look forward to getting back to the game soon. I've really enjoyed coming out and have had a lot of fun. Be safe and hope to see you soon. Charlie.
Bob Bryant
Dec 22 2017 22:12 PM Post #78
Location : Sweaburg

LEOHL Team : Sutton
Hey there;
Dianne and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the best of wishes for the New Year.
Thanks a bunch for a great year so far..........................
Claudio Martin
Nov 26 2017 12:43 PM Post #76

I'm only sparing this year due to limited availability, but eager to play when I can! I'm available all Sundays until Christmas - call or text 519.639.7077
Nov 25 2017 12:54 PM Post #77

Hi Everyone, what time is the Alumni gathering tonight? or anytime between 7 & 10?
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